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Piling project in Nasa Wallops island

Location:               NASA flight facility, Wallops Island, Virginia

Equipment used: Woltman 40 PR and a PVE 4 NL hammer (read more about Woltman rigs from SPE USA)

Piles:                      150 pc. of 53-130 ft. piles (total length) with pile splices made by our sister company Emeca SPE USA

Description:          Multiple job sites throughout 2015 working in NASA Wallops Island Flight Facility driving the foundation                                       for NASA launch pad, fire station, radio tower and lightning mast.

We were working throughout 2015 on various job sites at NASA Wallops Island Flight Facility in the coast of Virginia. Woltman 40 PR was chosen for the job because the rig needed to be easily moved from one location to another and NASA needed a highly mobile piling rig for the numerous jobs at this site. The 40 PR was perfect fit as it could be transported easily by a single truck transport without taking the hammer off. This made the transportation easier and faster as sites were located in highly secured area where smaller crews were ideal. 

We drove 150 53-130 ft. piles for the NASA launch pad, fire station, radio tower and lightning mast. Because maximum length of some of the piles were over the truckable load (~55 ft.), we used pile splices manufactured by our sister company Emeca SPE in Laurel, DE. With Emeca pile splices we were able to keep the logistics easy and also cost efficient.

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